Webinar: Stock Exchanges & The SDGs – Driving the Demand for Transparency

More and more, stock exchanges worldwide require non-financial reporting as a listing rule, with the potential to impact over 45,000 companies worldwide.

Why? The strategic, regulatory and reputational risks tied to non-financial issues, such as Climate Change, Human Rights and Cybersecurity, are increasing. CEOs, CFOs and boards now need to meet the demands for more transparency from investors, regulators and the public.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being positioned as the globally accepted vehicle for communicating these risks and opportunities. How can companies seize the opportunity that the SDGs provide to meet these evolving stakeholder demands?
This webinar gave first-hand insight into why stock exchanges are driving the demand for transparency, and how your company can capitalize on the opportunity that the SDGs present. You could hear from:

Sonia Favaretto, Managing Director Media Relations, Sustainability and Communications at B3, on; the importance of B3 having SDG-focused initiatives.

Siobhan Cleary, Head of Research and Public Policy at the WFE, on; why the WFE established a Sustainability Working Group to find a smart balance between investor demand, company capability and market efficiency.

Rebecca Self, CFO of Sustainable Finance at HSBC, on; how financial institutions can influence both the supply and demand for services and products that integrate the SDGs.

Erin Levey, Head of Research & Investor Strategy at Datamaran, on; how data can help to link the SDGs with the investor use case.

The discussion was moderated by Susanne Katus, VP Business Development at Datamaran, who touched on how companies and investors worldwide are leveraging AI technology and big data analytics to more effectively embed the SDGs into decision-making.

The webinar took place on Friday, December 1st, 3-4pm GMT, 10-11am ET, 16 CET.

Click here for a recording.