Webinar: SDG2

SDG2 is focused on ensuring access by all people, inclusion of persons in all processes, ensuring sustainable food production systems, increasing investments and agricultural productivity. Focusing on the SDG 2, webinar has shed the light on the active role of the business sector and decision makers in their contribution when it comes to objectives of SDG2.

Fourth webinar in the project was organized by the coordinator Croatian Institute for CSR - IDOP. The webinar was scheduled for May 24th 2018 and its topic was Zero Hunger. Since every partner in the sociSDG project is focusing on one SDG, IDOP is responsible for SDG2: End hunger, achieve food security ad improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. The webinar provided information about measuring social impact of companies in regard to SDG2 and their integration in the business models. Speakers in the webinar were:

  • Zdravko Matotan, PhD, Director of Agricultural Development at Podravka

  • Marie Populus, Sustainability Lead at Infarm – The Urban Farming Company

The discussion was moderated by Marina Tomić, project manager at The Croatian Institute for CSR – IDOP.