SDG Handbook

In order to contribute to education on the SDGs, project will create 'Social SDGs Handbook' that will summarize the webinars and give a short introduction to every webinar in a written form. Since there are nine SDGs in the project, the Handbook will have nine chapters plus the introductory one. Since issues relating to social SDGs are very complex, the Handbook will function as an overview of each socially-oriented SDG, as well as give the guidelines on using the webinars. Same as webinars, the Handbook will present the knowledge accumulated from the exchange of best practices when it comes to each SDGs. SDG Handbook will facilitate better understanding of social SDGs and importance of their measurement and integration.

Current global trends are demanding from companies, decision makers and other stakeholders to understand their responsibility and the importance of sustainable development. There is a great need for more guidelines, information, tools and training, especially when it comes to the SDGs and similar efforts towards building more sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies. At this moment, there is no unified educational material or tools that would help companies understand the importance of measuring their social impact or measuring the integration of social issues into their business operations. Since issues revolving around sustainability are equally important to companies, decision makers, civil society and universities, it is of great importance to develop strong partnerships between them in order to understand current trends and needs of the society. SDG Handbook aims to increase awareness, knowledge and competences regarding the nine-socially oriented SDGs, their measurement and their implementation into business strategies.