Kaleidoscope Futures (United Kingdom)

In the sociSDG project, Kaleidoscope Futures will focus on SDG10: REDUCED INEQUALITIES.

Kaleidoscope Futures is a Cambridge-based think-tank and media company focused on creating a better and brighter future – one that is safe, smart, shared, sustainable and satisfying. Through courses, research, publications and films, Kaleidoscope promotes the creation of future-fitness and integrated value, led by its directors, Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser and Indira Kartallozi. Kaleidoscope Futures offers training courses on a number of topics, such as Transformational Leadership & Becoming a Future-Fit Organisation, Sustainability Innovation & Growing Effective Changemakers, Transformative Social Responsibility & Creating Integrated Value, Stakeholder Engagement & Discovering New Tools for Transparency.

They also provide a course on Business’ Human Rights & Responding to the Refugee Crisis, which looks at how business should address human rights impacts by taking measures for their prevention, mitigation and, where appropriate, remediation, as well as presenting the trends of migration and how these demographic flows impact on policy makers, business and society. It explains how human rights fits into corporate social responsibility and sustainability (including the requirements of ISO 26000 and the GRI G4 Guidelines) and explores opportunities for integrating current human rights issues into business, including issues around migration and refugees and gender equality.

Kaleidoscope Futures also owns SSR International, a global institute for sustainability and social responsibility professionals, and Migrant Entrepreneurs International, which promotes and supports the positive social and economic role of migrants around the world.

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