LUM Jean Monnet University (Italy)

In the sociSDG project, LUM University will focus on SDG12: RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION.

LUM Jean Monnet University is one of the most recognizable and valued universities in Southern Italy, providing high quality education in the field of economics, management and law. It features an International Ph.D. program focused on sustainable development topics, entitled "the Economics and Management of Natural Resources." It is a centre of academic excellence, committed to advancing teaching and research quality and creating top tier managers, professionals and researchers. LUM is modern organization capable of efficiently translating the principles of business and management into education equipped to deal with current trends of continuous change, globalization and internationalization. It is also member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – SDSN.

Leveraging on its localization, LUM is leading the way to create an academic network in the Adriatic Basin. The ALUm (Adriatic Linked Universities) network was born in 2012, institutionalizing this networking effort. Linking universities from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia, ALUm is shaped around the broad vision of being the leading and most recognized academic consortium in the Adriatic-Ionian region. It is focused on three area of common interest: education (international programs, Ph.D., masters, summer school), research and cooperation (in terms of students and professor exchange, participation in panels and conferences).

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